About Us

Welcome to Curious Bear Marketplace.  We are a brand new business starting up in the Kawartha region, giving local artisans/vendors a space to showcase and boost overall marketing for their products.  Each day we have new and exciting vendors joining the Curious Bear family and we are so excited to be able to share all of their amazing work and products this summer.  Unique gifts, eye catching apparel, beautiful home décor, and so much more will already have you planning your next visit!

Tired of dealing with the struggles of selling your products online or spending weekends setting up and taking down booths at your local flea markets?  We advertise and market your merchandise for you and send your profits electronically every month along with a report of what is selling, and what is not. We offer various sizes in spaces to suit your needs whether you are just starting out and would like a small space or if you are more experienced and already have a large amount of product for one of our larger sections. With an option of short term rental agreements, we take the worry out of being stuck in a long term rental contract. At Curious Bear, your success is our success. So what are you waiting for? Take the next step by filling out an application today and watch your business grow!